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Metal Burglar Bars

What are Metal Burglar Bars?

The modern world has brought many issues in front and one of them is an increase in housebreaking and forced entry. As a result, it has become imperative to protect your home and loved ones. The home security bar is fundamentally a heavy metal grid that is attached to the window frame.

Who needs to install Metal Burglar Bars?
People living in areas with high burglary rate and crimes, people with a basement or ground-level windows which are buried by shrubs and other buildings and people with out of sight structures should consider installing home security bars.

While you can set up the basic version of metal bars yourself with the help of 3 or 4 steel bars fitted to the window, at Precise Metal Works, we offer more elaborate and custom made versions that provides beauty and functionality both to your home. We specialize in making attractive home security bars that don’t compromise on your security.


We offer an extensive range of color and style like fitted panels, cottage pane, decorative wrought iron designs, straight vertical bars to name a few. All products manufactured and installed by us are custom made and designed to fit without causing much impact on the functionality. Our expert craftsmen will be sure to securely fasten them with sturdy fixing systems so that once framed, these bars stay put at the place, securing your home.

Depending on your needs, we offer different types of metal security bars. The permanently secured bars can be used for a long time. There is also swing-away bars that let you clean the window glass. They can be also used as an emergency outlet. The removable bars are ideal for commercial purposes. For an example a small store where you can remove the bars at the day time and replace them at night.