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About Us

Precise Metal Works Company is your one stop solution for welding and custom metal fabrication services in South Florida. We offer a wide variety of safe, durable, and affordable products such as fences, gates, handrails, window metal bars etc.

Why choose Precise Metal Works Company?


With a collective experience of over 20 years, Precise Metal Works takes up only the highest skilled welders and fabricators. From time to time, we make sure to improve the skills of our welding workforce, regulate quality levels and production and meet your expectations at each step of the process. Needless to say, thanks to our expertise and high standards, our company maintains a solid clientele roster of repeat customers. From simple steel fabrications to the most complex iron gates and ornamental steel products, Precise Metal Works Company is dedicated to servicing their customers to the T and equipped with delivering on specifications and on time.


We have a wide variety of equipment with the capabilities to do MIG welding, TIG welding, Stick welding and Acetylene welding.


We offer complete customer solution and till now we have served a large range of industries, from material handling companies to manufacturing companies. No job is small for us. At Precise Metal Works Company, each job is done to the perfection as we thrive to achieve great customer satisfaction.  We believe that time spent with clients going over their blueprints and/or designing their projects gives the ultimate joy and fuels our passion for the work.

Contact Us

Call Precise Metal Works Company  today and consult one of our skilled technicians who will help you in making the right decision for all your custom welding and fabrication or repair  needs.  We also assist in developing your plans and create or modify a prototype!!